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Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a comic similar to The Gamer. The art is great and the action is frenetic, but easy to follow.

Solo Leveling takes place in Korea. Random people have “awakened” and developed powers similar to that of role playing video game characters. Gates are opening up and inside are dungeons full of monsters. If the monsters inside are not defeated within a time limit, the monsters exit the dungeon and attack the populace. Since the beginning of these events, a whole economy and organized guilds of awakened persons have formed to support the conquering of these gates.

The story focuses on Sung, a young awakened teenager. Sung has decided to drop out of school and become a full time adventurer in order to make money for his family. Unfortunately, he is a class E adventurer and known by all as the weakest adventurer. Sung again signs up for gate expeditions, but this time, something goes horribly wrong. Now Sung must find a way to survive in this brutal new world.

Firstly, the art here is great. It’s better than The Gamer and even a lot of Japanese manga. There is a ton of action in this series and most of it is drawn well. What I like about Korean comics over Japanese comics are that they are usually colored. What I like about Korean and Japanese comics over American comics are that issues are released much more frequently.

The story is also fairly serious and can be dark. This isn’t a comedy and there are few humorous moments. Like The Gamer, a big draw is the constant leveling and learning of new abilities. Unlike The Gamer, there is an urgency and focus on how much danger the protagonist is always in. Sung if fighting for his life and the world he lives in is treacherous.

Overall, this is a great series and one of the better comics I’ve read in recent memory. The art is great and the story is serious and dark.

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